Add a Video to the LemonsWiki

So you want to add to the Wiki, great! Take a second to read the instructions and you will be off and running.

First, browse around YouTube® and find a Lemons video. The video could be a build video, a team hightlight video, a part of a on-track video, a full one-hour of racing video, a wreck video for poeple to argue over, or anything else Lemons related.

Copy and paste the URL into the form below, we will first check to be sure no one else has already upload this work of art, if it has been uploaded you will be given the choice to go visit the video and add to the description of the video.

If you managed to find a new video, the system will then prompt you to add some appropriate information to the video, i.e. the track it was shot at, teams involved, car make and model involved, etc, this will make it easier for others to find these videos. Cause you know you want to see all the video involving an orange VW beetle, right?

Save your work and sit back and enjoy your contribution!

Video URL (will look like

Thank you for wanting to contribute, however someone has already beaten you to this video, but don't worry we can take you to this video and you can add additional information to it or just comment on it!!!

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